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The Seeds We Sow
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In Gazzaniga's first novel, "Seeds For All Seasons", Timothy Graves, while a student at Harvard Medical School, donates his sperm in an effort to supplement his meager income. after completing his training he stays on at Harvard and becomes a world-reknown neurosurgeon. After his only son dies of a cerebral aneurysm, Tim learns that his sperm was used without his permission for artificial insemination. As he tries to track down his offspring, he discovers that they all have died of cerebral aneurysms, all of them, that is, except the son of the notorious Boston organized crime leader Tony Santori. Tim operates on the gangster's son and saves his life, but subsequently Dr. Timothy Graves and his girlfriend are killed in a car crash. "The Seeds We Sow" is a follow-up to "Seeds For All Seasons" and explores the complexities of the ethnic groups that are so much a part of Boston. Sean Connors, a Southie crook, wants to wipe out the Italian gangsters, especially Tony Santori and his brother Gianni. To this end he is willing to act as an FBI informant. As the Boston Police Department and various government agencies close in on the Santori empire, the threat of Sean Connors in addition to the Santoris' nephew, who has become a government witness against his uncles, brings things to a head. "The Seeds We Sow" uses familiar characters and introduces new faces to continue the saga of betrayal and corruption within and outside of organized crime.
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