The Angry Plumber is a humorous accounting of bathroom misfortunes I have suffered throughout my life. Quite honestly, the book is full of shit. Indeed, when you boil life down to its very essence, shit is still going to be there, isn't it? Either literally or figuratively, we eat it, we breath it, and we live it! Just like the moon and the tides, shit is a natural constant. Hopefully, in some small way, this book will serve to gather and bind a special circle of people. Individuals who are not so bound by social norms, that they can occasionally enjoy time to laugh about a natural phenomenon; a phenomenon that seems to have speckled my life with some very funny moments. With my own mother volunteering a mishap from her honeymoon as a book chapter, I am certain that the humor in The Angry Plumber, will appeal to a vast audience.
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ISBN: 9781412222082
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