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KINGS dont need followers.He need his People ta STAY FOCUSSED & PLAY THEY'RE POSITION. Believin in they're GOD GIFTED TALENTS Learnin how ta oneday be da best in his/her position Ultimately Helping to prepare Our Future Kings,Queens,OUR Kids build KINGDOMS. (followers fall off from worshipin anotha mans/womans BELIEF, then get jealous an want to take his/her position (instead of learnin from His/Her position so dat He/She may oneday Lead They're own) Usbeforeme just learnin to play Our Position The First MidWest version of the ThugBible Movement shows Homage Dedication, an Determination of OUR STRUGGLE very BLUNTLY the innercities of Ill. 69th Racine,68th & Throop & Ada, 7Duce, 71st, DeadEnd,Central City,Terror TownBoyzTown,6Tray,DarkSide,ETown,MoeTown,C LOVE, ChiefVille,FosterPark,BucTown,GhostTown,Killa Ward, Vulture City,Altgeld Gardens, Cabbreinie Greens, Stateway Gardens, WestSide,SouthSide,NorthSide,EastSide.Much Respect Due. UsbeforemeFam Da ThugBible Movement. WE HERE NOW BOOOAAAA UBM=UsbeforemeFam Da ThugBible Movement on da Block servin Our Books an Cds LIKE NEW DOPE (DA THUGBIBLE MOVEMENT)@24/7 Showin Beleif In Our God Gifted Talents Ta All GhettoSoildiers NO MATTER WHAT HOOD WE IN.. WE BRING DA KNOWLEDGE (Da ThugBible Movement) ta da Blocks an SHO GhettoSoldiers HOW MUCH WE WALK with God an in Our great Leaders Visions. We are a Positive Power Tool ta Success Fa all Our Queens an Kings catch Us on a Hood Near U. West Coast East Coast an Dirty Down South Authors/versions Comin soon
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