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Angel Talk is 22 autobiographical short stories of miraculous events and divine intervention spanning more than thirty years in the author's life. The events begin in rural Montana in the 1960's and follow the author's life to New Mexico, Tennessee and other states. They also depict the author's repeated miraculous rescue from abuse and attempted murder. Blunt and factual, these true stories from one person's life captivate the reader in breathtaking, minute-by-minute drama, sometimes humorous, sometimes terrifying, sometimes almost unbelievable. They force the reader to new levels of introspection and hope as we consider the possibility of constant divine intervention in our own daily lives. It is a book to share with family and friends, providing a unique glimpse into the author's unwavering belief in God and His abiding love and commitment to life on Earth.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781425182564
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