Building a Relationship with God and with Others
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In a world that seems to be turning away from God, author John Onu Odihi writes from his heart about the Christian life and its challenges in the modern era. Even while our culture emphasizes independence and moral relativism, Odihi is unafraid to remind us that our victory can come only through loving and trusting God, and living in obedience to him.

Building a Relationship with God and with Others helps us do just that, with essays on such topics as gratitude, patience, and the mystery of God’s love. But the essays go beyond the theoretical to the real dynamics in our relationship not only with God, but also with each other. Reflections on how to live out our Christian faith address forgiveness, encouragement, the value of confession, and ways to cope with fear. You’ll even find an essay on the difficult challenge of how to lovingly confront someone who is in the wrong. Each section is followed by suggested biblical passages that you can return to again and again for support and reference.

Throughout this book is an emphasis on the joy and fulfilment that is ours when we learn to truly love not only our neighbours but our enemies—Jesus’ ultimate message as we work to bring his kingdom to this earth. Whether you’re a new Christian or have been one for many years, you’ll welcome this chance to learn more and to deepen your understanding of what it means to walk with God.
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