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Reiki: A Spiritual Doorway To Natural Healing takes the reader into an autobiographical journey of healing which anyone can embark on, and is especially meant for persons who have not been able to find answers for their health issues in traditional western medicine. The book addresses a complementary path of healing with a strong emphasis on Reiki but is totally inclusive of any other avenue that leads to wholeness and good health. This book addresses taking responsibility for our lives and becoming pioneers of our own healing. It addresses how physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing need to be integrated in order for a person to feel fully alive and whole.

The story is told by Sister Eileen Curteis and is about her forty year journey into healing, the insights and wisdom she has gained, as one of life's travellers in search of wholeness. The story is told through Eileen's prose, poetry and art. The CD at the back of the book is the inspired work of Sue Hansen, Karen S. Williamson, and Sister Eileen, working as a trio to produce a work of art giving glory to God. The CD contains eight songs and fifteen poems of breakthrough, with Sister Eileen as the lyricist. Sue Hansen's clear, soothing, rich voice, along with her musical arrangements, uplifts the human spirit. Karen Williamson has provided the original background music, capturing in a unique way the mood of Eileen's poems, as she reads them in a meaningful way. Karen is also the composer of the first two songs on the CD.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781412221276
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