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Cocktocock: One Offs is a collection of short stories pasted into a collage of explicit narratives pulsing with the vivid representations of lived lust. As the storyteller passes trough varied male or masculine vicinities, either as a character or eloquent raconteur, he emotes in layered textual images and impressions, an aphrodisiac source in the raw excitement of unlooked for male2male sexual encounters.... One Offs.

Extraordinary sexual events, in everyday, even workday spaces have become common currency for lusty myths and fantasies. Similarly; Construction men, Military guys, Wrestlers, Cowboys, these masculinities are not an uncommon theme in contemporary gay erotic fiction. Here, cocktocock scenarios elucidate sex among and with said types...revealing a pact of physical permissions, an acknowledgment of mutual desire, reassurance before a bold step... no guarantee of mutual satisfaction... and some degree of danger.

2005, cocktocock sex is placed firmly in the realm of the possible, observable and desirable for many gay identified men. For men who sometimes like sex with men...a conceivable foray into homo Eros. Cocktocock throbs with auto suggestion to males who come across it... recognize a way of knowing in the written sign... intuit through the spoken expression powerful chords of latent desire... to others it reveals the distinctiveness of their sexual outlook.

Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781412235877
List price: $3.99
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