HELP! I TITHE BUT I'M STILL BROKE! Is a groundbreaking, easy to read, easy to apply Christian guide to finances written from real life experience of applying Biblical financial principles to arise from poverty to prosperity. Hakeem J. Webb utilizes 15 years of wealth management experience as well as a lifetime of practical application to break down the mysteries of personal finance into understandable terms that are simple and easy to apply to day to day life. His application of finances to Biblical standards is not only inspiring and confidence building, but also transforming in that by following the prescribed methods, lives can come into balance and prosper.

Hakeem approaches Biblical personal finances from the standpoint that believers in Christ have a special right to receive wealth and achieve goals and dreams. But this right comes with responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission in spreading the Gospel. The Biblical truths and practical strategies found in HELP! I TITHE BUT I'M STILL BROKE! Can help God's children get in a position to receive their promised inheritance, bringing readers to a full understanding of: The Prosperity of God's People; The Financial Reversal Cycle; 11 Basic Keys For Better Investing; The truth About Tithing; Money: It's Purpose and History; The Scope Of Financial Planning; Before You Say I do; God's Supernatural Cycle of Provisions; The Seed That Never Ends; Tithing at Death; and much more. This book serves as a very important primer to financial success.
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ISBN: 9781425129002
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