Adorina and the Elephant Choir
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The circus has been an art form since early Roman times, and was the best and only local, traveling entertainment, before huge electronic technology advances of the twentieth century. The history of the circus from early times to present is important, fascinating, and disappearing. There is another piece of history, soon to disappear forever, and sometimes linked with circus life, the cultural ethnic group of peoples called Gypsys. The gypsy world is underdocumented and somehow linked to a lifestyle of traveling and entertaining people. What is a circus without animals or a gypsy camp without horses?
The main character of Adorina and the Elephant Choir is a gypsy girl, called Dori, who started life as an abandoned baby, and grew up to become the star of a circus. She became an animal trainer or one of those people who have an affinity with animals and a special way to communicate with them. Dori had no mother, in the beginning, but during her life in the circus is given, two special mothers. She is a twin and finds herself in danger, from her gypsy brother. She is by birth order, first born, and therefore Queen of the Gypsys. Dori also finds her selfworth and a boy to love.
The circus she lived in, is a place most kids would love to run away to. Adorina and the Elephant Choir tells the story of the circus and the people who live and breathe circus. Also, the book deals with human relationships, trials and tribulations, emotions, and resolution. The book is generally geared for children and young people, but adults will enjoy reading the book also.
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ISBN: 9781412213141
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