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Transformation of the World is an account of the author’s journey through a personal psychological crisis to the discovery of a new world forming out of the future within his psyche. This new world is one born from chaos through the power of love….
The reader is taken into the experiences of the author through a form of literature that may not have a name at this point in time. It is a form of writing that flowed spontaneously from the author’s hand…The process involves memories of a kind of dual consciousness, interweaving of past present and future, inner and outer reality, along with philosophical thoughts expressed in direct speech which came to the author quite spontaneously. All these elements are brought to life in the adventures of the purely literary figures, David and Master John while the narrator is John, the author. Each character leads a separate life but are they really separate? The reader will discover the truth at the very end (from the Preface).

"I prepare you for a ride with this book. It begins swiftly, and doesn’t let up" (from the Foreword by David Tresemer, Ph.D.)
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ISBN: 9781440143854
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