The Cairo Connection
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A brutal saga of unremitting avarice, corruption, violence
and murder combined with the callous exploitation of vast numbers
of narcotics addicts in Middle East, Europe and USA.

A narrative of organized crime, operated by experts and
superabundantly lucrative to the criminal elements involved.

A young man, through greed for wealth, plus a feeble
conscience, is lured into this maelstrom of moral degeneration
and succumbs to complete self-gratification, gradually
becoming one of the leading participants in this vicious system
under the willing guidance of his tutors in crime.

The desperate trail meanders from Egypt to Sicily, Corsica
and Marseilles, leading to Paris and the ultimate depredation of
Europe by the drug cartel.

The fi nal act of this episode opens in Miami, USA.

It is suggested that the moral behind this epic is not that
CRIME DOES NOT PAY but rather that it pays to know plenty and
to keep your mouth well shut!

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