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The awareness of child abuse in the 50’s was not, as common place as it is today. Racism and religion were more common and at the forefront. Lives were different, people were different and not as educated or desensitized as today’s society. People didn’t talk about personal matters and that was it. Secrets were kept in the heart, festering, painful and help was fleeting unless you were rich. This story is an awesome psychological rollercoaster of fear at it’s worst from the side of the survivor.

A love so great that he feared telling his loved ones of the pains he endured for fear of hurting them so he carried it to a point of self-destruction. “The Glass Window” is truly a look into the reflection of the soul and the spiritual awakening of a tormented image that was just a tap away from a cracked world gone mad. From an innocent child surviving a trauma and racial bigotry to an accused killer. This book is not meant to aggrandize the drug life, but to show a way for those in similar situations to find a way out. Look into the window of the soul and you will see the dark of day and the light of darkness turned into a miracle of wonder beyond belief. How do I know? Because it happened to me.
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