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Unable to live with depression?
Medical treatment brings no solution?
Self-help books written by doctors do not help?
That is precisely where the author stood after years of treating depression in the usual ways. So she took matters into her own hands, fought for her life and won it back.
With dry humor to offset the pain, the author tells how her full, happy life collapsed into depression and how she fought her way back to a life as good as it had been before.
The winning strategy: Nobody is going to solve depression for you. Take control and do it yourself.
The method: Fight depression on several fronts at the same time.
This book is a detailed guide for doing that.
Goodbye Depression is based on experience and common sense, not on theories. It tells in a direct and practical manner what to do and how to do it, speaking at eye level, from one victim of depression to another, not from the height of a professional pedestal.
This is a book written by a woman who has been there, has done it and has won, for people who want to win and are going to win.
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