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Greylight Theatre

Length: 582 pages


Greylight should not have worked. In New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or London, creating a theatre company devoted to ONLY the production of new works would be a risky proposition at best, but to do so in a small arts community in rural Southern Illinois seemed insanity. Astonishingly, after five years the Greylight Theatre Collective thrives, and has become one of America’s largest producers of new works outside of academia.

Contained in this volume are selected new works from Greylight’s first three seasons for your perusal and production. Included are :

Full Length Works:

The Coyote Trilogy by Don Elwell
Three full length plays including Coyote, Cyberpunk Opera, and Dub for Babylon.

Enemy Towers by Kenneth Boe

Womyn’s Rites by Clare McCall

Abbey Flybynight by Margie Pignataro

Short Works:

Archipelago by Lynn Eaton

The Critic’s Masterpiece by John McCall

All works are rights available for production. Musical works have scores available either on CD or as MIDI files for production.

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