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All the knowledge and know how amounts to nothing if you don't believe that you were created for greatness. So many people have allowed life to rob them of their dreams, and now with a bankruptcy on their credit they feel like their dreams are really out of reach. Walking Into Your Destiny After Bankruptcy will challenge you to rediscover and commit to your dreams so that you can begin to live the life that you were created for, a life that was promised to you long before you filed bankruptcy.

This book will motivate, encourage, and answer many questions that you may have after filing bankruptcy. The beautiful thing about this quick read is that it was written by a debtor for a debtor with the hope that her testimony gives you the strength that you need to begin dreaming again, and the foundation that you need to start increasing your knowledge so that you can start claiming your riches.

Walking Into Your Destiny After Bankruptcy will remind you of how special and unique you are and that even with a bankruptcy on your credit God still has a magnificent plan for your life, you don't have to wait 7–10 years to begin living that life, you can begin today if you just believe.
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ISBN: 9781469783758
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