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No matter how full your days or how consumed you are with "more important" things, you can always welcome more happiness into your life. The Joy Reminder is the first in a cheerful trio of books that will help you reconnect with all types of joy that you have been missing-from the kind that makes you laugh out loud to the kind that brings you that contented warmth deep in your soul.

In this motivational guide, C. J. Hoffman uses personal anecdotes, stories, and parables to remind you of timeless lessons that can help you get to know your joyful self more completely. She gives ancient biblical philosophies a fresh, modern perspective that's entirely relevant for today's busy world. From the magic feeling of "Past Life Regression" to the acidic "Ready or Not", and from the memorable "Animal Attraction" to the creation of "Luna", the varied tales in this thoughtful volume encourage you to open yourself to new experiences, accept unexpected blessings, develop unconditional love, and use prayer in your daily life.

Filled with the sort of inspiration that stays with you long after you set the book down, The Joy Reminder will teach, amuse, and challenge you to live a more fulfilling and spirited life.
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