Veteran TV news producer Matt Fallon has covered the local Philadelphia news market for years and has seen it all: murders, fires, and natural disasters. But while on a seashore vacation, a respite from the mayhem, the unthinkable happens: his own 10-year-old son disappears into thin air.

Police soon discover the boy in a nearby motel room, only to find that he had been subjected to a horrific medical experiment. With little evidence and no suspects, Matt begins his own search for the perpetrators under the guise of doing a special news series for his flagging TV station, Philly4.

Driven by fury to avenge his chronically ill son, Matt's probe leads him to a dark place, not only in the real world but also in the shadowy realm created by television news images. As his investigation gets nearer to the core of the crime and the danger increases, Matt discovers that his fury and hate doubleback on him!
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