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Christians, how well do you understand the religion to which you have dedicated your life? How well do you understand the book that it is based upon?
In Christianity Exposed, Dr. Solomon Tulbure explains why most Christian beliefs are unbiblical, and that modern Christianity follows the teachings of Paul, not Jesus. Then he goes beyond that to show why Jesus' teachings are not worthy of our attention and why an alternative to religion is needed.
Excerpts from Chapter 5:
"Jesus said he was the Son of God as are all Jews and Israelites. Jesus wanted to get across to people that he was doing God's will... Also remember that Jesus had quoted 'The Shema' in Mark 12:29 affirming the oneness of God as all religious Jews did and do. See Deuteronomy 6:4. Furthermore, because he denied that he committed blasphemy, and used the Psalms to express what he meant, together with quoting The Shema, this point becomes crystal clear...
"Jesus never identifies himself as 'God the Son.' Keep in mind that there is a big difference between 'God the Son' and 'Son of God...'"
Excerpt from Chapter 9:
"So the claim that the plural is proof of the trinity is unfounded. If God were a trinity, he would have said so clearly, seeing how he is so concerned that humans know him well. He would have said, 'I am the Lord, your triune God.' But it is nowhere to be found in the Bible, nor in the New Testament..."
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