What Was Her Destiny?
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What Was Her Destiny? is an imaginary story concerning the life of an African girl, Kate Kadek. Born in a rather well to do family where both parents were teachers, Kate seems to have been over stimulated too early for learning. As a result, when she is enrolled for school, she becomes a trouble maker. Not knowing what to do with her, Kate's parents decide to put her into a boarding school, but she surprises everyone by deciding to join the convent to become a nun. After sometime, however, she is sent back to her parents because she cannot cope with the life there. During her junior school she misses by inches to knife a comrade for teasing her. Throughout her secondary, higher and university education, she does not take her studies seriously but is an excellent, all round, sports girl. For reasons best known to herself, Kate does not believe in normal marriage and feels she has a right to carry out her own experiment of what a marriage should be, which she does while in France. To her dismay, she discovers that her rather fantastic ideas do not work. Back home, suggested to her by her mother, she joins politics and is elected to Parliament where she succeeds in carrying out reforms. However, despite her apparent success, Kate stays dissatisfied about her life and achievements. She believes she could have done better if she had had a different type of education and upbringing. Unlike most of the simple folk in her village where she had retired in her old age, and who were very proud of her, some of the people who had known Kate when she was young were disappointed in her. They had hoped she would achieve big things.
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ISBN: 9781412235037
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