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One Less Victim: A Personal Guide to Victim Prevention is about crime victims and their predators. Unlike most self-defense books, One Less Victim explains the more subtle facors that draw criminals to crime victims, ranging from school bullyiing to large scale swindling. This book gives solutions for potential victims to get themselves out of the victim mindset and into one of self-confidence and safety.

Who is most vulnerable to theft, assault or robbery?

Is it seniors, college women, minorities or young adult males? Does a medical worker have a higher risk for violent attack than a sales manager? What indicates that a school has a high risk for bullying, theft and drugs?

Setter describes how some people unknowingly find themselves drawn towards people, places and situations that result in them being robbed, conned, assaulted, brutalized or even murdered. Like any bad habit, victimization often just gets worse.

One Less Victim explains:

Early crime victim conditioning
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