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Vigilance: Winner of the John Golden Prize

Virgil, Dick, and Bert have gotten together under the guise of "poker night" to discuss a new resident, a man whose violent outbursts threaten their neighborhood. When the evening ends in murder, none of them know who is responsible, but all of their lives are changed by the revelation of who has betrayed whom.

Ghost in the Light

"A unheralded little gem terrific writing."-Douglas Gordy, Slant Magazine

Based on the life of Han Van Meegeren, Ghost in the Light portrays one of the greatest art forgers in history. In the 1930s, Han's painting, Jesus at Emmaus, was declared "not just a Vermeer, but Vermeer's finest work", and sold for half a million dollars. The world's leading art critics were caught up in the scandal when a number of his "Vermeers" were recovered in postwar Nazi loot.

The Stone Trilogy

"A riveting, emotional journey stunning."-Wanda Sabir, The San Francisco Bay View

Kaleidoscopic and darkly funny, The Stone Trilogy presents three interrelated one-acts that portray the face of love, forgiveness, and oppression in three countries: Ireland during The Troubles, South Africa at the end of Apartheid, and the United States. Together, the plays present an emotional journey through the difficult nature of forgiveness.
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Three Plays - Ian Walker

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