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From the Publisher

Black is beautfiul. White & gays are, too. If we don't start loving, we will start dying. I AM so sorry you were KKK slaves. If we were in a civil, racial war, I would hide, shelter you. Oh, great Jehovah, GOD, what in the hell do we do?

Jesus loves us, this I know because the good book Bible tells us so.

All are precious, beautfiul, special in His sight. This is NOT a children's storybook. Beware! I have warned you.

Vulgar, offensive, foul language, graphic sex scenes of previous past lovers are revealed in its simple, humble contents, the rewritten Bible.

This personal autobiography, journal, testimony, JEANS/genes, is written to save the world--not one fleeced, soulful lamb lost. A-M-E-N!

If Mae can "be" saved, anybody can. WHO saved the worthy, sad Earth? Jesus! GOD is LOVE.
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