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Power of One is a compilation of thoughts, inspirations, experiential short works and writings. It is a conscientious attempt to make sense of my life experiences in written words and to make meaning of my human actions and interrelationships with people and natural occurrences. It is philosophical in that it presents current thinking and insight of one individual, the importance of one’s own view and one’s actions within a universal context. It takes a look at what human beings have in common with one another and their existence on earth.

Power of One is something that I would like to share with you. This is my first book and I think you will like it. This book is about you, the individual, who wants to think and have one’s own thoughts. It is about communicating one’s views, one’s convictions. It is about being free to express oneself and to tell one’s own story. It is about one woman, one God and one people. In a world where our views are largely shaped by the media or the dominating philosophy of the day, this book is about my inner revelations and personal ideas that have evolved on a daily basis. Power of One is my personal journey to enlightenment.

Dulcie An’
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