Advanced Hold'em Vol. 1 includes advanced concepts for No Limit Hold'em cash games and tournaments to compete - and win - against the professionals. This book will show you how the professionals think and how to make proper plays and proper adjustments for better decisions on and off the felt. It will also show you how to handle your money properly, while earning more with: playing the right games, analyzing your opponents style, image, position and situation at hand to pinpoint what he/she is holding, making the right plays against them virtually every time.

You will also learn how to:

1. Play rags like the nuts
2. Fold when you know you're beat
3. Raise and re-raise with hands less valuable than your opponents - making them fold.
4. Play poker professionally in live games and on the internet.
5. Read your opponents hand more accurately.
6. Call with nothing - and win.
7. Improve your reading ability and instincts.
8. Take control of a poker table for easy wins.
9. Move up into bigger games.
10. Handle poker stress, bankroll swings and poker mentality.


"Poker is comprised of more average players than anything else. In Advanced Hold'em Vol. 1, every average player out there today will receive an advanced degree in No Limit Hold'em success."
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