Get Up and GLOW
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A Guide to Spiritual Growth and Light Living

Your soul waits patiently for you. It always bides its time until you are ready to respond to its gentle broadcasts and encouragement…
Each of us is being readied to live a soul full existence, if we want it. A life of love, joy and peace is our birthright, if we choose it.

Commit to soul-living in physical form and the universe will challenge you to release—with love—whatever is not for your highest good. People, places and beliefs that do not reside in light will start to fall away.

Begin to consider your creations. Is my life mostly a struggle or does it feel light? Do I have more or less inner peace with this person or job? Does my home radiate love—or darker energies, such as anger and resentment?

Whether you look at the earth as a schoolroom, or a place to remember your divinity, one day you will glow in this world. How you achieve this enlightenment—through painful experiences or joyful ones—is up to you.

If you can open your heart and mind to the joyful path, this book will help you live that reality…and teach others to do the same.
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