Book Description:
You are special and you deserve the best life you can live. This book includes ideas, suggestions, and techniques to help you achieve more happiness and success. Misery is optional, and you have the power to choose more satisfaction and success. This book can help if you are:

Feeling there’s more to life than you’re currently experiencing
Trying to strengthen your self-esteem and gain more confidence
Confused about the direction of your life or career
Not feeling optimistic about your future
Putting yourself down with negative self-talk
Not feeling special or important
Trying to bounce back from a setback or loss
Stuck in a rut and feel you need a change
Avoiding or delaying decisions that you know you need to make
Trying to adjust to being fired, laid off, or retired early
Coping with threats to your career
Feeling trapped in a relationship, marriage, or job
Trying to regain your enthusiasm and faith in your future
Managing employees and trying to motivate them or to correct some attitude and performance problems
Complaining and exhibiting a negative attitude
You can learn to improve your situation, as many other have done. As you’ve learned other skills or techniques, you can master the process of becoming happier and more successful.

Author Bio:
Sam Daniel Jr. has been a military officer and a senior executive in business. He has worked with employees at every level of various organizations. He has led and mentored employees from entry level to presidents. He has spoken at conventions, workshops, seminars, and meetings on motivation, leadership, self-development, management, and communication.
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