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This unprecedented book mingles the essential messages delivered by the Prophets of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Their combined teachings reveal the untold, fundamental story that has been smothered by the doctrines severely dividing the individual organized religions. In this era when hatreds can be expressed with biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons, we urgently need to hear the unifying story.
The explosion of two atomic bombs helped to end the Second World War. But those bombs also provided chilling examples of Bible prophecies. We can choose to dismiss prophecies as the imaginings of religious fanatics. We can convince ourselves that the people now living in Biblical lands who piously preserve ancient hatreds are only a threat to each other. But, try as we might, we cannot forget the modern weapons that could turn the age-old prophecies into everyone's reality. If current events or too many unanswered questions are shaking your faith in your beliefs-or your disbelief-you need to become acquainted with all the Prophets through the cascade of familiar, forgotten, rejected, and unheard teachings flowing through these pages. You'll know you've grasped the book's innermost message when you feel your doubts dissipating, your fear subsiding, and your heart soar.
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Of Promises and Previews - Jane Drake

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