Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
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Sol Mogerman was unexpectedly hit head-on by a drunk driver on an icy mountain road in the fall of 1985 as he was coming home from his evening job as a professional musician. As a result of this accident, he suffered a brain injury (stroke) that affected his ability to play music and changed his life forever.
In this book Sol tells the story of his accident and recovery in a direct personal manner that draws the reader into the experience. This story highlights the loss of his self-image as the most devastating outcome of his injury. Sol's recovery unfolds through a challenging journey of self-discovery and transformation that offers great hope for triumphing over the devastating problems inherent in brain injury and other serious disabilities.
This second edition gives an account of Sol's way back to playing guitar after 20 years.
This book also includes a comprehensive self-help section based on what the author has learned through overcoming his own disabilities, and from his experience successfully treating numerous clients in his practice as a counselor specializing in brain injury.
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