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Bio for Jane Denison (Mary J. Moses) Jane Denison is the pen name of Mary J. Moses, co-author of 52 Simple Ways to Manage Your Moneyand No More Baglady Fears. After many years in public education, where she specialized in Human Resource Management, she lives and writes on the Central Coast of California. Description of My Book Discover a ghost who frightened people away from her barn. Meet the lonely deputy sheriff who doesn’t believe in that spiritual nonsense and who is going to live in the adjacent house no matter what. Complicate matters with the deputy’s ex-wife, who thinks he may have discovered gold on his property, and the waitress who is generous to a fault—not to mention the attractive sheriff’s dispatcher who is married to her work until the ghost…What drives the specter to behave the way she does? What passion, what mystery stirs her to action? The dead woman’s story describes vividly the trials and sacrifices made by the emigrants of the 1840s, and adds the excitement of first love, a possible robbery, and a murder—all touching the young woman’s family. The deputy becomes determined to help her find the buried box that will put her fears to rest. What they find is not what she expected.
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Stella's Search - Jane Denison

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