The Calligraphy of Clouds
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The sights and sounds of the changing seasons, the wonder and mystery of life, the joy and sorrow of love and relationships-you'll find this and much more at the heart of The Calligraphy of Clouds: poems in the form of Tanka & Haiku that resonate with the pulse of everyday living.
In the hectic, pressured world we live in, we can easily lose sight of life's inherent depth and beauty. These brief yet profound snapshots of life-both of the outer and inner worlds we live in-have a unique way of putting us back in touch with the extra-ordinary we may otherwise overlook in the ordinary moments of our lives.
Contemporary in style yet universal in outlook, this is a book of remarkable range-well-crafted poems that are insightful, sensuous, filled with wit and wisdom-that are at once of the moment, and beyond the moment.
The Calligraphy of Clouds is a book to read slowly, pause, and reflect upon. Allow these poems to stimulate your own wondrous world of thoughts, images, memories, and emotions. You may very well see yourself and the world around you in a whole new light.
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