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Liz D'Angelo thinks the stress of caring for her Alzheimered mother is taking its toll but as the hallucinations Liz experiences grow more disturbing, she fears she too has the disabling disease. Words appear in the steam on her bathroom mirror and in flour on the table when she is baking.
When an inner voice compels her to drive to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, in the dead of winter, Liz accepts the challenge, determined to face her fears.
In a rented cottage, Devin James, the ghost of her mother's first love appears, desperately seeking help in finding his killer.
Eight people were at the lake in 1945 and Devin is certain one of the other seven did him in.
Liz insists it couldn't be either of her parents so it must be one of the other five; Mary, a love starved tease; Angel, a homely girl who doesn't have a chance of snaring her dream man; Johnny, the neighborhood clown with deep secrets; Vicky, a newcomer or; Vito, Devin's best friend.
Liz refuses to consider her parents, Annie and Frank, as suspects but there is a slight possibility one of them was responsible for the death.
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