Children Who Survived the Final Solution
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Holocaust survivors who were children during the Nazi persecution wrote this collection of memoirs. Each story bubbled up spontaneously, without an interviewer's guidance; hence these represent the most permanent memories of their authors' childhood experiences. This book provides a rare vantage point to look into the diverse lives of children during the Holocaust.-Both professionals and adult survivors have often said, "The children were too young to remember."-They could not have been more wrong about that.
" I was struck by the fact that the stories were not bitter, they did not seek revenge. I found the underlying thread in the purpose of the stories to be gifts to the world, given in the hope that the stories and the anthology would contribute to other children not having to suffer such events in the future."
Paul Valent, M.D., Melbourne, Australia
author, Child Survivors of the Holocaust (1994, 2002)
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ISBN: 9780595757466
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