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A teenage girl's odyssey from amateur thief to master criminal.

On April 15, 1994 at 2 A.M., an individual, disguised as a policeman, rang the doorbell at the Elizabeth Phillips Museum in Boston. Forty-five minutes later four of the world's masterpieces disappeared from the face of the earth. A decade earlier a teenage girl made an amateur attempt to burglarize a house in the historic town of Lexington, and was caught by its owner. From that day forward, a lonely, frightened, unloved; teenager heading for inevitable disaster evolves into a beautiful, sophisticated young woman. A woman with knowledge far beyond her years, and the ability to seduce her adversaries in the quest to achieve her goals in life. She uses the talents taught to her by her mentor to establish herself in the art world as an expert, while she steals millions of dollars worth of art. FBI agent, Susan Cardello, is frustrated at every turn in the investigation, until she discovers a set of forgotten notes. The notes contain information, which only she would recognize, that makes everything crystal clear, but all too late.
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781469751016
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