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"The Story of Jack": Young Jack Bell is taken aboard a pirate schooner off the coast of nineteenth century Florida. As cabin boy on a windjammer, the year that follows is filled with wild adventure, an emotional homecoming, and a search for buried treasure.
"My Story": Young Adam Sims was a bank clerk during the early days of Prescott, Arizona. Now he is on the run for a murder he did not commit and has written an account of what happened in hopes of clearing his name. The startling conclusion shows the value of diligence and the power of true friendship.
"Pyrenees Adventure": A hiking accident in the modern day French Pyrenees Mountains results in a chance encounter with the ETA, the terrorist branch of the Basque Separatist movement. The hikers escape, but the ETA follows!
"Tom and I": A series of delightful, heart-warming adventures while growing up with an identical twin. A real "slice-of-life" from childhood to old age.
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ISBN: 9780595842094
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