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Lewinsky scandals, Major League performance-enhancers, and falling pop-stars aside, Western culture has historically glorified its socio-political leaders and protected the topic of leadership as a virtuous and altruistic element on some traditionalist's pedestal. This book is a cunning and frank departure from that old-school philosophy.Be prepared for a serious exploration of today's unabridged and blurred-line leadership, as defined by the tongue-in-cheek commentary of one of America's rising stars in the topical arena.Laden with analysis of villains from Saddam Hussein to Jeffrey Dahmer, and peppered with analogies featuring bad Brad Pitt films and corporate failures, Dark Side Leadership is a new topic for boardrooms and bars alike that is set in a smart and editorial style. It is recommended reading for anyone anticipating the 'hope and change' of the 21st Century, or debating a raid of petty cash at the same time. Aside from that, it is conventional, yet intellectual fun.

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