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Imagine that you have just been promoted to sales manager and the selected method for your training is through osmosis. This is the gradual, often unconscious, absorption of knowledge or ideas through continual exposure rather than deliberate learning. In short, there is no organized plan or structure to guide you along. The realization that this method of non-training still exists is a perplexing phenomenon.
• How can the successful manager pass on the legacy of his accomplishments
to new protégés and others in a clear, crisp, and easy-toread format?
• How can he train them to think like a manager?
• How can he help them to gain the wisdom of his experience?
Michael Fishman is the perfect candidate to answer these questions. His twenty-five years of hard-earned practical knowledge have set the stage for a delightful transfusion of information. The style of The Street-Smart Manager is rapid-fire lessons mixed with clever anecdotes that add some home-grown flavor to help the reader to appreciate the message.
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