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Scenes From The Blue Book is a collection of poems that evoke joy and pain, as well as inspires and uplifts. This first volume of poems by author Kelly R. Jackson runs the full range of emotion. There are stories of love lost and found, stories that touch on the plight of the Black community and stories of redemption and spirituality.

Poems like "Swan Song" and "Familiar To Me" tell stories of letting go and the apprehension that comes with starting all over again, while poems like "Not my girl" and pieces like "The Glass" cover the still ever evolving male/female relationship issues that continue to exist. "Slave Days" and "Awake" offer inspiration, while emotions flow deeply on tribute poems like"On My Way Home" and "KJ In Progress". Also included is a special tribute to the author's mom, the eloquently written, "The Gardener"

Scenes From The Blue Book also includes commentary on the entertainment industry and its views on Black America, the bond of the Black family and the struggle for self improvement. This book is insightful, thought provoking and provocative. If you enjoy poetry, Scenes From The Blue Book is a must read.
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