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Tune in, turn on, drop out-California, l968-the year of our discontent. Civil rights activists, student protesters, antiwar marchers and the feminist movement served to energize protesters and bystanders alike, bringing out the best and worst in otherwise ordinary people. The Irish Malones, a multi-generation family, are caught up in churning forces that are destined to change American life forever.

The unsolved murders of John Malone II and Albert Malone test the soul of the seven younger Malone men as they struggle to protect a financial empire from the clutches of the mysterious Phoenix organization. The hope that answers to the mystery will be found outside the family is destroyed by the discovery that the unthinkable was inside their house all along.

Family matriarch Cora Malone has overshadowed all with her ruthless betrayal and toxic ambition illegal weapons shipments, conspiracy, murder for corporate power and profit. Can this family purge itself? Will family values and Catholic faith stand fast or succumb to terrifying truth? The verdict hangs by a thread in The Cupping Glass. Follow the saga of the Malones in the sequel entitled Phoenix Rising.
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781469772561
List price: $3.99
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