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The hellish nightmares that plagued Father Jack Malloy added to the torment of the already disillusioned young priest. Seeking the source of these torturous dreams, Jack meets Rachel Weir in a quaint bookstore in Boston. Rachel, the pretty daughter of a Jewish archeologist, has turned bitter upon religion.

Together they embark upon an adventure, which takes them to France, England, and Scotland. With Rachel's psychic ability, the two uncover a mysterious trail of events leading back to the time of Christ. Ultimately, their quest takes them on an expedition seeking the Holy Grail and the sacred treasure of the Knights Templar. Along the way, they discover that the two were lovers in a past life. In their desperate pursuit of the answers, they find themselves set upon a course from which there is no return. It is a tale that spans the scope of history filled with romance and intrigue.
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ISBN: 9781469736358
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