In our busy, every-day-lives we must change our focus from the worldly mind to the silent contemplation of the spirit, from the many to the One. In prayer we seek to know the reality and presence of God. It is not a cold, calculating process but what the Greek Fathers called theoria…a passionate, contemplative insight, involving communion and sharing. Anglicanism in the Jewish tradition describes three levels of existence as one; body, mind and spirit. We must discipline ourselves to assure the transition from the body and mind to the spirit.

To help inform our prayers and leave room for personal expression The Anglican Prayer Life emphasizes both the structured prayers in the Book of Common Prayer and personal prayers informed by Scripture. Whether used as a companion in individual prayer, with a prayer partner, anamchara, or in a formal prayer group, this little book will help you enter a relationship with Jesus Christ and provide both solace in your personal needs and the courage to intercede on behalf of others.
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