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Professional Therapy leaves you feeling like its problems only you have. You go into a quiet little room where the Doctor sits at his or her desk across from you and asks you these dry questions. Then, they sit there waiting on you to talk. They will just sit there looking at you. Over time, I guess you open up to the person. Here, everyone gets involved. They've experienced some form of life issues and know how it changed their life. Here, no one has gone to school, the lesson came from life experiences. Each person gives great detail about the subject and how they found the solution. It makes you feel connected to reality a lot more because you know this is real not just a brain smart person sitting before you with a book smart answer!
Many times, a subject comes up and it may get so involving, tears are wiped away in moments of emotions. I swear, there have been times the shop has been in such an emotional state, you forgot you were even in a salon. The sistas bonding together to reach out to someone with all the right intentions of helping a sista in whatever the situation it may be. I tell ya, if you haven't experienced a sista- ta-sista soul searching gathering in a beauty salon, you have been missing out on who we, as sistas, really are when we bond together.
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