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This is my personal story of my bilateral total knee replacement. I wrote
this book for two reasons. The first reason is to inform people about what
they can expect from bilateral knee replacement surgery as opposed to
surgery on one knee at a time. But more
importantly, the second reason for this book is to provide as much
information as possible to anyone contemplating this type of surgery before
they go forward with it.

The anxieties you have before major surgery are so different than the ones
you have after surgery. Often, people think that once the surgery is over,
the worries and pain are over. Instead, it can be the beginning of a
different set of worries and pain. But, if you know in advance what to
expect, you can plan accordingly and will have a much easier time after your

There are many books out there with regard to one total knee replacement,
but very little about a bilateral-meaning two-knee replacement. I want
to tell you all the facts that could occur, and in my case, did occur,
before a very large decision such as this one is made.
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