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Conversation With The WordMan provides insight into the incisive analysis of words and language by Paul JJ Payack, The WordMan. Lovers of words and language will better understand why The WordMan has been frequently cited and quoted in the worldwide media whenever language-related questions arise:
the origin of the word, chad, during the 2000 Presidential Elections,
the number of words in the English Language,
the most frequently spoken word on the planet (OK),
the phenomenon of Bushisms (as in misunderestimate), and
the impact of lingo that impact the language, such as the word bling-bling from 'hip-hop' artists.
Payack has collected several dozen of The WordMan's creative works that all involve various aspects of language. These include 'meta-histories' that describe the invention of the Zero; essays on the invention of the infinity symbol, the history of chess, and the Ides of March; as well as 'metafictions' that describe 'the Dream-table,' 'the Versificators,' and 'Mythomania'.
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