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Frankenwolfduck is about a boy named Robbie who obsesses about monsters at the expense of his education and friends. The monsters have become his friends because he feels comfortable with them. However, as Robbie has developed his “friendship” with the monsters, his relationship with his school friends and his dad has suffered.
One night, Robbie is visited by a monster named Frankenwolfduck, who has the face of Frankenstein, the body of Wolf Man, and the feet of a duck! Robbie travels to Frankenwolfduck’s home and is introduced to all the other monsters of the world.
He spends time with the monsters as they play a soccer game called “moncer, go “ironing”, which is like surfing, and eats dinner with them, only to discover they are all vegetarians.
Robbie learns that he needs to concentrate on his education, but also learns some valuable lessons about friendship, honoring his parents, and the tough times that life can give us.
Join Robbie on a trip that will make you laugh, make you sad, and make you examine your heart.
Published: AuthorHouseBooks on
ISBN: 9781468520125
List price: $3.99
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