A Man Set Free
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Fiery preachers have said for ages that God can reach into the deepest depth of the dregs of society to rescue and restore even the vilest of human creatures. That seemed to pretty well define the man known to the California Prison System as Ricardo Fuentes. He grew up fast and hard in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras, drinking and fighting his way through the teen years. When he killed a man in a late-night knife fight, Fuentes fled his native land only to find himself living behind bars of California prisons for charges of attempted murder and armed robbery after being set up by a crime partner in an act of revenge.

God's faithfulness to answer the prayers of the Christian woman he'd left behind in Honduras reached through prison walls and cell bars to draw the heart of a hardened man to a new life, one that God promised would bring him before multitudes of people to testify about the work of the risen Lord Jesus Christ when he died on a cross two thousand years ago. That new life would prove to be the end of Fuentes' search for meaning. Lying in a pool of his own blood, it would also prove to be one that taught him how his victims felt when they faced danger from the muzzle end of his firearms.
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