Moving the Stars with your Words
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We all have the power to achieve personal prosperity and physical health. Who hasn't dreamed of a life where this was true?

There are two ways to respond to such a vision. We could stand by and cite all the physical, emotional, mental, social, economic or geographical reasons that thwart our progress. Or, we could identify and remove the personal obstacles to achieving exactly what we want out of life.

My book Moving the Stars With Your Words shows the reader the steps to achieving the latter.

Today, we measure our prowess as a species strictly in physical and technological terms. Modern medicine is proficient at diagnosing the physical causes of our illnesses; while technology keeps pushing back the realm of the physical unknown. And yet we are a society still awash with mental and physical illnesses, which neither medicine nor technology can eliminate. The great illusion of our times is that only others better qualified than we, particularly those versed in the technical sciences, hold the key to our welfare.

My approach and philosophy of life has allowed hundreds of people to choose the experiences they wish to have, and from there, literally to speak those experiences into existence: in other words, to become the Creative Factor in their life. However, individual effort does not preclude conviction and faith in a higher power that can help realizes a new life. No religious doctrine or formula of salvation here. Whatever the reader's spiritual inclinations, this co-creation, as I call it, can create a life of magic. The only requisite is that we get on the side of the universe and speak our life into existence.
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