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The story Good Seed / Bad Seed is a down to earth story of how seeds of any type, be it plant or animal can turn out to be great scientists or common garden weeds. Of course there are billions of seeds in between and many different varieties of each seed just to make it interesting. What my story is trying to convey is that any form of life on God’s green earth will respond to love, kindness, tenderness and empathy. Of course in the same respect life also responds to hate, abuse, neglect or disdain. Here I have put it so simply, that anyone interested could get a whole new perspective on constructing a happy childhood for his or her children. Even if your children are grown, learn to love your children and then loving your grandchildren will be second nature. Why, between learning to love your children and your grandchildren, you might even find, you like you a little more these days. That’s how it happens, love is highly contagious. There are of course, many, many degrees of love. I love my mom and dad. I love my husband or wife. I love my children. I love my dog and cat. I love my aunt Nellie Orson. The list could go on and on but these are all different kinds of love. Love is not etched in stone but neither should it be blown to the wind like so much emotional debris. Love is the all-powerful beginning, especially at birth, but continues throughout a full lifetime until death…. some say it even continues after death. I think some are right. Love is what makes little ones want to grow up to be just like their parents. Be they doctors, brick masons, factory workers or drifters…it’s all in the care given in the home / garden when they are first learning to comprehend life…the parent chooses their path through this garden we call life. Will it be a well-maintained Eden, flourishing with love or will it be congested and fear ridden for the very luxury of life itself…. it’s up to you
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