Get Real Greetings; Creating Cards for Your Sassiest Sentiments
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Forget sweet and sappy…Celebrate the ups and downs of real life with these sassy greeting cards.Did your best girlfriend get a speeding ticket, get dumped and get fired, all in the same week? Or did that lucky bitch just introduce you to her hot new boyfriend who just happens to be a masseuse? Too bad there are no sections in the greeting card aisles for those occasions! Get Real Greetings picks up where store-bought cards and traditional card-making books leave off. You'll find something here for all the non-occasions of everyday life—with cards covering everything from "The Usual Crap" to "The Joys of Womanhood"—as well as snarky new twists on more tried-and-true topics. Choose from 70+ fabulous card designs, plus dozens of bonus unsentimental sentiments to mix and match with your favorites. Simple instructions make it easy to create these fresh and funny cards whenever inspiration (in the form of a girlfriend's triumph or tragedy) strikes.Give your friends their just desserts—make them a Get Real greeting today!
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