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Anything But Saintly
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Prostitution, dope, gambling, and murder!As a town, St. Cecilia was anything but saintly—prostitution, dope, gambling, the works. Matt Rudd of the Vice Squad had the lurid inside story. But he was helpless as long as crooked politicos like Nick Bartkowiak and his right-hand goon, Little Artie Nowack, kept the Police Commissioner under their thumb. Then the strangling of one of Little Artie’s call girls raised a few eyebrows, especially Rudd’s. And when his questions brought him face-to-face with a gun, a five-gallon bucket and a sack of plaster of Paris, even the cowering Commissioner had to face facts—shoot to kill! All-out war on the underworld!
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Anything But Saintly - Richard Deming

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