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The verses of Poetic Revelations, each titled after one of the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, combine esoteric Tarot principles related to the twenty two major arcana or trump cards of the Tarot and Qabalistic ageless wisdom. A blend of ancient Western mysticism and Eastern religious thought with contemporary psychology, including embedded techniques for personal spiritual growth and development, fashions this information into the condensed form of free verse. The black and white images of the twenty two major arcana cards provided beseech the reader to participate in the journey by coloring his or her own Tarot trump.

The notes of Poetic Revelations provide the reader with a variety of related information including Qabalistic, astrological, mythological, and sensory attributions related to the letter of each verse. The sensory attributions include color for sight; musical note for sound; perfume for smell; gem or stone for touch; and vegetation for taste. The mythological attributions include ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Hindu, and others.

The Other Verses is a selection of poetry from the author's collected verses which provide the reader with a sampling of related topics concerning spiritual growth and personal development, and which reflects to a significant degree the author's recommended reading list.
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ISBN: 9781475925142
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